Rain hits harvest plans

14 Nov, 2015 03:00 AM
It predicts the wet weather to continue down much of the east coast for the next fortnight.

MAPS developed by GrainGrowers show just how much rain has fallen across agricultural regions in the past 14 days.

The map below shows the spatial extent of rainfall across Australia which has disrupted windrowing and harvesting activities in many areas.

Forecasts for the next 14 days (in the map below) show little reprieve from rainfall in eastern Australia and southern parts of Western Australia.

GrainGrowers Field Team reports farmers have harvesters warming up in many parts of the grainbelt however rainfall has prevented progress being made.

In a statement, GrainGrowers says fierce storms and ongoing rainfall across southern Queensland and northern NSW has caused delay in the regions usually first to get the crop off.

"In the south eastern wheatbelt of Western Australia some crops almost ready for harvest were badly damaged by hail – some completely flattened," GrainGrowers says.

"The rain also brought Victoria’s harvest to a standstill, in what has been a disappointing season for many Victorian growers.

"By contrast in South Australia, warmer temperatures have seen harvest progress well – especially in the centre of the State despite torrential rainfalls over the Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas.

"Crops in southern NSW are generally not ready to be harvested however more forecast wet weather has some farmers anxious about their crop's finish."

The SprayWise forecast map predicts the wet weather to continue down much of the east coast for the next fortnight.

However, conditions are expected to dry off across western Victoria and South Australia. Isolated rainfall will persist in the north eastern and southern wheatbelt of Western Australia.

GrainGrowers has developed a suite of decision support tools to assist farmers with optimising paddock management activities underpinned by climatic information relevant to any particular farm.

SprayWise Decisions, a Nufarm sponsored website provides farmers, advisors and contractors short-term forecasts and recent weather conditions to assess optimal timing of chemical application to reduce incidents of off target spray damage.

Visit www.spraywisedecisions.com.au



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