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Why does Mr Coleman care what the Farmers Federation think? Does Mr Coleman fell part of his job description is to keep the farmers happy?
Mr Coleman’s comments appears to be a smoke screen to strengthen the pro AgGag agenda and remove focus from the cruelty inherent in the food animal industry.
RSPCA stop talking and start prosecuting.
23/07/14 11:18 PM
Well Done Animals Australian, this stunt by the federal Government is further proof that you are having an impact. Keep up the good work.
19/12/13 07:11 AM


Lets call a spade a spade Ms Mackintosh , the final moments of a pig's life is a living hell, the footage released today is proof of that and no amount of spin can change that fact.
07/12/15 01:26 AM
This is not children Qlander, this is animals being treated in a unspeakable way by an industry that finds mulesing acceptable. This is a systemically cruel industry and the public have been sicken by the vision. I can not fathom how anyone in the farming community could defend this and why the whole wool industry are not calling for CCTV in every shearing shed in Australia. This vision is the very reason compassionate Australians do not support an AgGag.
29/07/14 11:20 PM


Cam, just looking on the footage uploaded to the Aussie Farms website there seem to be an awful lot of evidence to prove claims that farming of animals in Australia is a systemically cruel business . Showing the industry in its current form has having a lot to hide and dare I say the very reason for the AgGag style cover up.
11/09/14 01:31 AM
The animal farming industry is using and abusing animals for an economic benefit. These animals might as well be a sack of potatoes the way they are treated. Time and time again we have see the documentation of an industry that horrifies the wider community every time the disturbing vision is shown. Too many instances have been documented to claim “rogue operators” so they are now trying to hide an inherently cruel industry behind AgGag laws. Its the farming model that needs overhauling not the Surveillance Devices Act.
28/07/14 11:48 PM


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole