I'm a nurse - and I still didn't see it coming

DESPITE 50 years in the health profession, most of it specialising in mental health, Sandy Brooks was taken unawares by depression. She’d spent a lifetime talking to people about symptoms like lack of motivation, withdrawal and disinterest yet did not recognise them in herself.Read more

Recognising the black dog

DEPRESSION is a common experience. We have all felt down at different times in our lives. So how do you know when it's something to worry about? The Black Dog Institute offers these tips.Read more

GP the first point of call

MEDICARE Local's Dr Jenny Beange explains why you should see a GP if you are feeling down or anxious and and what to expect when when you get there. Read more

How to ask: R U OK?

HELP stop little problems becoming bigger by connecting with somebody you care about and asking them, “are you okay?”. Here's some tips for starting the conversation. Read more

How to say: I'm not okay'

WHEN you’re feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed, it’s natural to feel like there’s no hope. But asking for help and getting expert support is the best way to recover and embrace life. Here's some tips from R U OK?Read more

Friday Forums

CATCH up on our special Friday Forums on:

  • Suicide prevention
  • What impacts our mental health
  • Improving your mental fitness

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    Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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    No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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    Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole